At Storageit Limited, we've got exactly what you're looking for - clean, dry and super-secure storage for your precious possessions. But that's not all.

We're really convenient, because you can just drive up to the door of your purpose-built container and load in, no need for trolleys or pallet trucks. For peace of mind, there's only one key - and you keep it. And you get easy access

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Our clean, dry, purpose-built containers keep things simple. You drive up, load in and drive off with the only key to the fitted Mul-T-Lock.

Need access? Simple 9-5, plus by arrangement for out of hours

And you don’t have to worry about being tied into a minimum hire term or overpaying. Our extremely competitive rates are calculated daily, so you only pay for what you use. Short-term or long-term use, you only pay until the day you no longer need our storage solutions. It’s as simple as that.

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Use good quality boxes

Fill each box well to avoid collapse

Put heavier items in smaller boxes for ease of moving

Mark each box carefully on the sides so information can be seen when the boxes are stacked

Keep a list of stored goods for future reference

Wrap fragile items in Bubble Wrap

Leave the doors of Fridges, Freezers and Washing Machines propped open

Cover your items with dust covers to avoid dust settlement

And of great importance

Leave the items you may need most frequently at the front of the container for easy access

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Q. When can we have access to our container?

A. 24 hour access is available at our Pallion site so you can come and go as you please.

Q. Do I have to pay more to have 24 hour access?

A. No, unlike many other Storage Companies we do not charge you for this, all we ask is a deposit of £10 + Vat for your key.

Q. How many keys do I get?

A. You are given one key as standard. Additional keys are available for £10 + Vat each. All keys must be returned at the end of the hire otherwise security of the unit will be permanently compromised requiring replacement of the integral Mul-T-Lock. This replacement is charged at £100 + Vat.

Q. Is there a minimum hire period?

A. No. You only pay for the time you use your Self Storage unit. All we ask is you pay for your unit in advance every month. When your keys are returned any unused days are refunded as is the deposit for your key.

Q. Are your units weatherproof and dry?

A. Yes. Our newbuild steel units are secured against all weather conditions.

Q. Do the containers suffer from condensation?

A. No. As our containers are modern we have very few problems unlike those associated with older flat roof containers. It should be remembered, however, that containers are unheated and condensation occurs when temperatures fall and there is already moisture in the unit. This can be avoided by storing your dry items in the unit on a dry day.

Q. Will my goods be insured?

A. We find that most clients prefer to pay a competitive price for quality storage and then make their own insurance arrangements if required.

Q. What happens if I want to move out earlier than anticipated?

A. There is no minimum hire period.

Q. How secure are your units?

A. All of our containers are constructed from Corten ‘A’ Steel and protected by an integral Mul-T-Lock, Backing Plates.

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